Colour, illumination and rotation invariant
textural features

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Pavel Vácha, Michal Haindl

Institute of Information Theory and Automation of the ASCR

Algorithm and Features:
P. Vácha, M. Haindl, and T. Suk. Colour and rotation invariant textural features based on Markov random fields. Pattern Recognition Letters, 32, pp. 771-779, 2011.

Texture Dataset:
G.J. Burghouts and J.M. Geusebroek. Material-specific adaptation of color invariant features. Pattern Recognition Letters, 30, pp. 306-313, 2009.

Thumbnail images were created from Amsterdam Library of Textures (ALOT). The authors wish to thank Jan-Mark Geusebroek from University of Amsterdam and Gertjan J. Burghouts from TNO Observation Systems for the textures and the experiment details.

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